Wine at Pomar De Frutas
Wine at Pomar De Frutas

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‘Pomar de Frutas’, a fine mango wine is crafted from the delicious and pulpy Alphonso mangoes.

The idea of transforming this pulpy tropical fruit into a fine wine was perceived by Dr. Archana Thakur who is a microbiologist and the founder and Managing Director of Codon Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., Goa–India.

It all began in April 2012,

When Dr. Archana was en route to Devgad(Maharashtra – India) from Goa by road on a family vacation. The terrain by road is truly scenic, lined on one side by the Arabian sea coast and on the other by hilly expanses of mango plantations. Most of the mango trees were heavily laden with mangoes, it being summer, the fruit-bearing season for this tropical fruit. The clusters of mangoes on the trees were a sight to behold.

While visiting a family friend in Devgad, She was delighted to explore a splendid orchard of mango trees in his farm. They discussed at length all about the mango crop and cultivation. They came to a conclusion that as yet there was no high commercial value product made from mangoes in India. It was only mangoes or canned pulp that hit the markets. After a very fruitful visit to the farm she returned back to Goa with an investment of ten to twelve dozens of Alphonso mangoes.

Once back home, she started churning out some of her favourite mango treats. Not very long ago, she had chanced to read about wines that could be made from almost any fruit. These fruit wines were known to be rich in antioxidants. The art of wine-making in Goa dates back to the Portuguese era and till date we find a few Goans who passionately make some excellent home-made wines from local fruits and vegetables. After reading up a little about fruit wines, she decided to venture into making wine from Alphonso mangoes. She was convinced that if she succeeded in making the mango wine, she would be putting forth a high commercial value product from mangoes.

Before she actually got started, she perceived that she wanted to make a fine mango wine of premium quality which would be acceptable not just in the local market but national and international markets as well. So Dr. Archana and her team at Codon Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. (R&D laboratory, recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. Of India), started working zealously on the mango wine recipe.

Soon after they started, they encountered many impediments in the wine-making process due to the pulpy nature of the mango fruit and realized that this would be quite a time-consuming project. However undeterred, they worked for almost three years and finally succeeded in developing a recipe that created her dream product. She used Alphonso mangoes which were hand-picked when they were ripe and firm. They were then pulped and processed at low temperatures to produce high quality juice. This juice was then fermented using special variety of wine yeasts to make a wine that was rich in aroma, texture and finish. In order to establish a unit for commercial production, she spent almost one and a half year to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals after which the process was scaled up to a commercial level and voila the mango wine was ready to be served.

It was branded as ‘Pomar de Frutas’ which means ‘Orchard of fruits’ in Portuguese. The art and craft of this wine is intrinsically Goan and represents the beautiful land with its picturesque beaches and warm–hearted people.

It is a dream come true for Dr. Archana to have Pomar de Frutas mango wine on the national and international wine map. The wine is crafted with care to retain the exquisite original flavour of the fruit and represents the rich flavour of the tropics. The wine is indeed exotic and promises to keep you in high spirits.